A SUST kóborkutya jelentés, már angolul is elérhető a világhálón

The SUST Straydog report of Hungary is available in english:

Hungary has 15 times more straydogs, as much places we do have for them.

About 2.000 city pound places we have in Hungary. (Additionaly ca. 6.000 shelter places, by NGOs.)

Minimum ca. 30.000 straydogs live on Hungary’s streets under sad conditions and multiply continuously.

All together we have 115 city pounds in Hungary, which are financed by the state: it costs to the country about 13.3 million Euros annually.

Ca. 20.000 dogs are captured per year, but many of them must die. To spay and neuter the dogs in city pounds is not obligation in Hungary.

It seems to be a profitable business for the operators of this city pound system, because the dogcatchers could be for-profit companies, and they don’t have professional and financial reporting obligations. This is unacceptable.

A stray dog never could be a part of a for-profit business! This should be non-profit business of the state.

To reform the laws take a lifetime. Therefore first of all we are focus on to run a national pet spay and neuter program to stop this crisis situation.

The neutering of the current 30.000 street dogs – and thus the sustainable solution to this problem – would cost around 2 million euros per year.

An investment that would be worthwhile – for humans and animals.

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